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Co-curricular participation is an integral and exciting part of life at Ridley. We encourage Ridleians to balance their academic life with some of the 75 co-curricular activities on offer here.

In addition to our fulsome arts and athletics programmes, our broad range of clubs and activities enable students to explore passions outside the classroom and discover new interests, develop creativity and build shared experiences with a new cohort of schoolmates.

Ridley College marching band wlaking over bridge

The variety and uniqueness of these activities is where we really excel - all students are engaged in co-curricular pursuits and are empowered to introduce new clubs and activities to our programme. Our co-curriculars fit into three distinct categories of enrichment:

  1. Consumed in Service
  2. Building Leadership
  3. A Learning Community (Building Life Skills, Culture & Wellbeing)

A small sampling of our many activities and clubs include:

For a complete list of Upper School clubs and activities, please see our co-curricular handbook.