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Boarding at Ridley is defined by safety, nurturing relationships and strong mentorships.

Our ten boarding Houses inspire students to lead flourishing lives within a diverse and vibrant community. They offer Ridleians an immersive environment of discovery and opportunity where they are able to embrace their individuality, discover who they are and strive for the future. This important induction to independence lives inside a diverse, dynamic, and vigilant community.

The boarding programme at Ridley is unique as it’s a place where people from all around the world meet...Not only do you learn more about others, but you also get to learn a lot about yourself...It doesn’t matter what grade you’re in or where you’re from, once you’re in the House, we’re all part of one family.  

Shunsho '22 

Why boarding?

Whether buying a toy online or deciding which vacation home will fit your family, you probably seek reviews from those with experience. So, please don't take our word for why your family should choose boarding at Ridley. Hear our current students share their experiences in their own words and why they decided to board at Ridley. 


With the independence boarding offers, students are also encouraged to push themselves out of their comfort zones. The boarding environment requires them to develop personal and community responsibility and accountability while utilizing their strengths and valuing the strengths of their housemates. This maturity and understanding of how to live successfully with others provides Ridley students with additional leverage when applying for college or university. 

As a community comprised of citizens from 59 countries, boarding also fosters students’ global perspective. Students live, learn and play with friends from around the globe.

Ridley’s boarding programme is structured to ensure students develop strong relationships with their Head of House and their residential life team. Developing these significant relationships creates safety and security and, ultimately, what many students call their ‘home away from home.’

Research conducted by the Art & Science Group on behalf of The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS) found that 91 percent of boarding school students reported that their schools are academically challenging, compared with 70 percent of private day and 50 percent of public school students.


Explore our boarding facilities from the comfort of your home. Click on one of the images below to start your tour!

Girls Boarding 

Grades 9-12/PG

Boys Boarding

Grades 9-12/PG

Junior Boarding

Grades 6-8