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Dining & Healthy Eating

Our belief is a healthy body leads to a healthy mind, increased confidence, happiness and improved academic performance.


Healthy and delicious dining options are provided each day at Ridley. More than eating in a cafeteria, Williams Hall in the Lower School and The Great Hall in the Upper School are beautiful spaces where young Ridleians gather for nourishment - both nutritional and social!

The chef and kitchen staff ensure both students and teachers have healthy and delicious snack and meal options every day. Snack breaks and meal times are built into each day so that students can refuel and nourish their bodies for maximum performance. Meal time also allows teachers to develop deeper connections with students while modelling and teaching appropriate table manners and etiquette. 

Sample Menu

Two students chatting over lunch

Meals and snacks can be prepared to accommodate any food allergies or dietary restrictions so that all students get the healthy choices they need for the day. 

Throughout the year, we host special dining events and celebrations of international cuisine, international holidays, special Advisory Lunches as well as formal dinners such as the Cadet Officers Mess Dinner, the Literary Dinner and Graduation Dinner.