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At Ridley, students do not require a title to be leaders. All that is required is passion, motivation and an idea.

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Right from their time in the Lower School, Ridleians are encouraged to act as positive role models, coaches and mentors to their peers and younger students. In Monday Advisory Sessions, students engage in discussions and activities to enhance their leadership skills. Each Lower School student is also part of a House team where they participate in competitions and activities throughout the year for points.

On top of this, there are a number of other leadership opportunities available to them:

  • Classroom leadership
  • Sports team leadership
  • House team leadership
  • Primary lunchtime helpers
  • Reading buddies
  • Cadet programme
  • House Captains


At the heart of the Ridley experience is a strong sense of community. In the Upper School, Ridleians are encouraged to take advantage of opportunities to assist in personal growth in unexpected ways and make a positive impact on the school community. Students, at all grade levels have a multitude of leadership opportunities including the Cadet programme, Arts Council, Athletic Council, grade reps, House Captains, IB Council, and Prefects just to list a few. The opportunity for students to be engaged and be in service to their community allows for a strong sense of belonging and builds the skills needed to be the leaders of tomorrow.

There are a broad range of leadership opportunities for Upper School students. Just some notable examples include:

Prefects are the voice of the student body. They set the example for their peers, are approachable for advice and help organize whole-school events

Officer & NCO Training is one of Ridley's largest formalized leadership training programmes. Involving over 60 students, this activity focuses on developing leadership skills as peers work together to progress through a variety of tasks and responsibilities relating to the overall Cadet programme. In Cadets - as in life - there are times when individuals are asked to follow and opportunities when they are asked to lead. This programme strives to develop these key attributes that are meaningful as a part of the Cadet programme as well as students' daily lives.

The Cadet Drill Team and Honour Guard instill values of leadership, confidence and civic duty into our cadets.

A select group of graduating students, appointed after an interview process, organizes events and helps out with daily routines in their House. They meet with their Head of House once a week to set goals, plan meetings and lead service initiatives. One of their primary responsibilities is to help new students settle into their House.

The IB Executive Council helps lead the IB Programme by planning and organizing events. They gather feedback and generate ideas for supporting peers through the programme.

Admission Ambassadors conduct campus tours for prospective students and their families and assist with Open House events.

Student leaders in the Arts Council serve as ambassadors for the arts at Ridley, organizing events, promoting shows and exhibitions and leading as champions of creativity and artistic expression at Ridley.  The Art Council’s mandate is to increase the visibility and celebration of the arts on campus.

TAC’s mandate is to advocate for the athletic needs of all students, build positive culture, school spirit and sense of community. The council helps facilitate an inclusive sport environment where everyone sees participation as an integral (and vibrant!) part of their daily lives thus ensuring that everyone is encouraged and valued for their contribution to sport. Members are provided with the opportunity to develop volunteer and leadership skills.

Chapel Council includes student leaders from all faith backgrounds who help us make our Chapel services more inclusive and meaningful for all. Chapel Council students meet weekly to plan Upper School Chapel services, develop service themes, schedule readers, servers and presenters.

The Positive Space Group endeavours to encourage and support an informed community founded on mutual respect of orientation and identity, and to continue to build awareness and self-awareness of LGBTQ+ issues. Students of all identities are encouraged to attend our meetings to discuss current events and to join us as we lead special event weeks throughout the school year that are designed to educate and build awareness of topics related to the LGBTQ+ community.