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We are thrilled to announce that we launched a comprehensive bus transportation programme in September!

We have received many requests for expanded bus transportation over the years, and we are thrilled to finally answer that call and roll out this exciting new service. 

Service Timing and Routes

Service runs in the morning and again in the afternoon from Monday to Friday during the school year.  At the end of the school day, the departure time aligns with release times for all students; however, it's important to note that depending on your child’s co-curricular schedule, they may need to stay on campus later in the evening and be picked up by a parent or guardian. 

Update to Busing Policy: students must ride on their assigned bus route.

We want to remind parents who use our bus service that students must ride on their assigned bus route. Switching buses for any reason is not permitted, as we are not equipped to manage such changes. We want to ensure that your child returns home safely as planned.

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Keep an eye on this page for updates.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need to inform you that I want bus transportation for my child?

Yes. This Spring, we polled all new and returning Day families to gauge which of our families were interested in using the bus.  

Based on the responses to our poll, our busing provider Switzer-Carty plotted our bus routes, stops and times. Our routes ensure the following: 

  • All buses arrive on campus by 7:50a.m. and depart at 4:40p.m. 
  • Every rider is on the bus for less than 55 minutes. 
  • Each bus has a maximum of two riders per bus seat. 
  • Pick-up and drop-off locations are central, accommodating families living in close proximity. 
  • Ample parking is available while waiting for the bus to arrive. 

If you are interested in our busing programme but have yet to complete our interest poll, please email [email protected], and our team will be happy to speak with you.

How do I know if my child qualifies for day student status?

To apply for day student status at Ridley College, families must have a current, local address and reside within a 50 km radius of the campus. Anyone with a residence outside this radius applying as a day student must seek an exemption by requesting approval from the Director of Enrollment Management.

How much does it cost to ride the bus?

We are committed to enhancing the high level of service and amenities that make the Ridley experience truly exceptional. That's why the cost of bus transportation for all families is included in tuition fees. 

Can I opt out of busing and receive my money back?

All the services, amenities and support we offer at Ridley are included in our tuition fees. We do not provide the option to opt-out of any of the services that we offer, as they comprise the comprehensive and exceptional student experience that we are proud of and we know our students and families value. 

If my child is in aftercare, can they take a bus home?

There is only one wave of buses at the beginning and end of each school day. If your child is enrolled in aftercare or staying late for co-curricular activities, a parent or guardian will need to pick them up.

Can my child in Upper School go on the bus as well?

Yes, our bus transportation programme is available to all day students. It may be challenging for some students to take the bus home, as it will depend on their co-curricular/activity schedule. However, if they do not have co-curricular activities on a specific day, then taking the bus home is an option and students will be required to notify the school.

How were the bus routes created?

Our routes were created in partnership with our busing provider, Switzer-Carty. Routes were determined based on the addresses of families that expressed interest in our busing programme via the polls sent to new and returning families this Spring.

When will I know where my child is picked up and when?

Busing routes and pick-up points are determined by our busing partner, Switzer Carty, based on ridership and will be finalized in July.  

Families who have expressed interest in our busing programme through our interest polls will be notified of their stop location and pick-up and drop-off times via the email they provided on the form.  

Will the bus routes change throughout the school year if new families are admitted to Ridley?

No. We will no longer change the stop locations once our bus routes are finalized this July. Pick-up and drop-off times may change should families opt out of the busing programme and we no longer require a particular stop.

What time will the bus arrive at Ridley in the morning?

All buses will arrive at Ridley around 7:50a.m. This time will allow our buses to unload safely before individual family vehicles arrive and drop off their children.

What will my child be doing between arriving at Ridley and the start of the school day?

Our youngest riders will be provided with a snack upon arrival and the opportunity to play with their friends while supervised by Ridley faculty.  

Older students can travel to their Houses to drop off their things or another space on campus and prepare for the start of the school day.  

Will my child be given a snack when they arrive to school?

Yes. Lower School and Middle School students will be given a grab-and-go snack upon arrival at Ridley in the morning, and Upper School students may also obtain a snack in the Upper School dining hall. Both options will be included at no additional charge.

What time will the bus leave Ridley after school?

The bus departure time will align with school release times, and we anticipate this to be around 4:40p.m. Between the end of the school day and when the buses arrive at Ridley, students will be required to be in aftercare or a co-curricular activity on campus. Aftercare will be provided at an additional fee.

What do I do if my child misses the bus?

Students who miss the bus in the morning will have to be driven to school. Any child who misses the bus in the afternoon will go to aftercare (Lower School and Middle School) and can be picked up on campus before 6:30p.m.

What should I do if my child only needs to use the bus occasionally?

If your child will only occasionally ride or use the bus a few times a week, please opt-in for the bus service. It is important to note that we cannot make changes once the bus routes are finalized.  

Once the final bus routes are confirmed, we will communicate the process of providing the specific days of the week that your child will ride the bus.

What is the process if my child is sick or if they are not on the bus every day?

Families will not be required to notify Ridley if their child is not riding the bus on a given day. All riders will continue with the established classroom absence process.

What if my address changes this summer?

We understand that your plans for where your family will reside in September may still need to be finalized. We recommend that you officially opt-in to our busing programme and inform us that you plan to move via our [email protected] email. As soon as you know your new address, we ask that you inform us immediately so that we can see what spaces are available on our routes and find your stop.  

What kind of safety measures will be in place on each bus?

Your child will be provided with a fob, which will be scanned daily as they load onto and off the bus. This fob will inform you and the school when your child is on the bus. You can track the bus through our Zenduit app, including being notified when the bus is nearing your pick-up location. 

Cameras will be installed in the interior and exterior of each bus. 

How do I download the Zenduit app and collect a fob for my child?

An email was sent to all families on Tuesday, August 29th, outlining how to download Zenduit's ZenBus app. If you did not receive this email, please get in touch with our team at [email protected].

How do I get in touch with the Bus Coordinator?

You can reach out to our Bus Coordinator, Ms. Jenny Casey, at [email protected].

Can my child ride home on another bus route?

No, students must ride on their assigned bus route. Switching buses for any reason is not permitted, as we are not equipped to manage such changes. We want to ensure that your child returns home safely as planned.