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Ridley College offers a unique opportunity for students from Grade 9 to 12 to learn the way they want to learn. Students are empowered to guide their own learning, discover and pursue their passions, and persevere through challenges. 

A Ridley education prepares students to meet the challenges of higher education at the most selective colleges and universities around the world. Our learner-centred and inquiry-based education offers our Upper School students a unique, individualized approach to learning built on critical thinking, dialogue, analysis, and immersive exploration of the ideas that will transform our globe.  

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Ridley College is an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School and the only independent boarding school in Canada authorized to offer the IB continuum programme.

Students have the opportunity to earn two diplomas upon graduating from Ridley College: the IB Diploma and the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). Each acts as a ticket to the world, unlocking university and career prospects. Upon graduation, Ridley students’ hard work is often rewarded with an average of eight acceptances to their top universities of choice. 

2021-2022 Stats




Countries Represented in Applications 



University of Toronto 


Queen’s University 


Western University


McMaster University 


Huron University College and University of British Columbia 


Our students attend top universities around the world after graduation. Here are the top university destinations for our students since 2020.

  • Acadia University
  • Algoma University
  • Bishop’s University
  • Brock University
  • Carleton University
  • Concordia University
  • Dalhousie University
  • Huron University College
  • Laurentian University
  • MacEwan University
  • McGill University
  • McMaster University
  • Mount Allison University
  • Niagara College
  • OCAD University
  • Ontario Tech University
  • University of Prince Edward Island
  • Queen’s University
  • Royal Military College of Canada
  • Sault College, Sault Ste Marie
  • St. Francis Xavier University
  • Toronto Metropolitan University
  • Trent University
  • University of British Columbia
  • University of Calgary
  • University of Guelph
  • University of King’s College
  • University of Ottawa
  • University of the Fraser Valley
  • University of Toronto
  • University of Victoria
  • University of Waterloo
  • University of Windsor
  • Western University
  • Wilfrid Laurier University
  • York University
United States
  • Arizona State University - Tempe
  • Baylor University
  • Berklee College of Music
  • Boston University
  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • Case Western Reserve University
  • College of Charleston
  • College of the Holy Cross
  • Dartmouth College
  • Drexel University
  • Fashion Institute of Technology
  • George Washington University
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • Loyola University Chicago
  • Mercyhurst University
  • New York University
  • Niagara University
  • North Carolina State University at Raleigh
  • Pennsylvania State University
  • Purdue University
  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • Rhode Island School of Design
  • Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
  • Rutgers University - New Brunswick
  • School of Visual Arts
  • Skidmore College
  • Smith College
  • Syracuse University
  • Temple University
  • The New School
  • University at Buffalo
  • University of California - Berkeley
  • University of California - Irvine
  • University of California - Los Angeles
  • University of California - San Diego
  • University of California - Santa Barbara
  • University of Massachusetts - Amherst
  • University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • University of Redlands
  • University of Rhode Island
  • University of Rochester
  • University of Southern California
  • University of Tulsa
  • Yale University
  • Medical University of Bahrain, Bahrain
  • Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Ecuador
  • University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Ireland
  • University College Cork, Ireland
  • University College Dublin, Ireland
  • Istituto Marangoni, Milano, Italy
  • Universita Bocconi, Italy
  • Amsterdam University College, Netherlands
  • Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • IE University – Madrid, Spain
  • Universidad de Navarra, Spain
  • City University of London, United Kingdom
  • Durham University, United Kingdom
  • Imperial College London, United Kingdom
  • King’s College London (University of London), United Kingdom
  • Newcastle University, United Kingdom
  • University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom
  • University College London, United Kingdom
  • University of Bath, United Kingdom
  • University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
  • University of Leeds, United Kingdom
  • University of Oxford, United Kingdom
  • University of St. Andrews, United Kingdom


When students reach Grade 11 at Ridley, they can opt to continue with the IB Diploma Programme (DP) and/or the OSSD. At Ridley, we adopt an open-access policy for any student who wishes to undertake the challenge of the IB Diploma Programme. Students coming into the programme need no prior experience with the IB framework, and our learner-centred approach ensures all students adapt quickly and thrive.

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In order to earn an OSSD, a student entering Grade 9 must earn a minimum of 30 credits, including 18 compulsory credits and 12 optional credits. Students must also complete 40 hours of com­munity involvement activities and must pass the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test. 

Learn More About The OSSD


Students who take a mixture of IB Diploma courses and OSSD courses are known as hybrid students. The hybrid programme appeals to students who want to take a wider variety of courses than are offered in the OSSD or who want to specialize with three or four courses in a single discipline. 


Ridley students are encouraged to balance their academic lives by participating in a variety of co-curricular activities in the arts, athletics, leadership, and community service. We offer a selection of more than 75 co-curricular activities. Our athletic programmes are structured to provide the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge, and understanding to develop physical literacy and value and engage in physical activities for life. 

Discover Our Upper School Co-Curriculars


Our guidance team takes a personalized approach to prepare students for their university careers by helping them discover their passions and which courses and institutions will be the right fit for them. Our counsellors have decades of experience in both international and domestic university guidance and are part of a dedicated department that prides itself on knowing and supporting each Upper School student through to graduation. 

We offer a variety of support services designed to help all students flourish both in and out of the classroom. Our dedicated Learning Strategists partner with students, parents, teachers, counsellors, advisors and the Health Centre to develop student success plans tailored to meet the evolving needs of students and ensure all students are known and cared for.  

Meet Our Guidance Team

BOARDING – Live and Learn at Ridley 

Our Boarding Houses offer Ridleians an immersive environment of discovery and opportunity where they are able to embrace their individuality, discover who they are and strive for the future. This important induction to independence lives inside a diverse, dynamic, and vigilant community.  

As a community comprised of citizens from over 55 countries, boarding also fosters students’ global perspective. Students live, learn and play with friends from around the globe, and the relationships and deep connections they make stay with them for life. This maturity and understanding of how to live successfully with others prepare students for their post-secondary journey. 

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For more information, please contact our Admissions department at [email protected]

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