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Ridley brings the world to students—and with 59 nationalities represented within our student body, the world comes to Ridley. We are a microcosm of a global society - one where everyone belongs and finds a home.


For generations, Ridley has been a diverse community of learners. Students are exposed to a broad range of cultures and interact with peers from around the globe. In this way, our campus reflects the multiculturalism of modern-day Canada. It’s a place where students build lifelong connections from all over the world. We often hear stories of Old Ridleians bumping into one another on a completely different continent or maintaining friendships across time zones.

With so many different nationalities living, working and playing together on our campus, Ridley fosters global competency - accepting and appreciating different cultures, and building the skills to navigate cultural complexity and nuance. In this regard, Ridley is committed to providing a safe space for healthy debate on global issues and the Houses of Ridley are the foundation on which this level of learning, appreciation and acceptance is built.

Two sutdentd advocating for a greener planet

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Ridley’s vision statement, to inspire flourishing lives to transform our globe, provides a focus for our work around global mindedness. We work to develop an understanding of world issues - from human rights to the climate crisis to environmental sustainability - and develop the leadership skills to address them. From our motto Terar Dum Prosim (to be consumed in service), to our commitment to Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS) in the IB programme, to co-curricular pursuits such as Model United Nations, students are continually encouraged to look outside themselves, in the aid of others.


The IB Context

‘Global Context’ is a cornerstone of the International Baccalaureate programme and a fundamental part of life at Ridley. We are inclusive in that we do not simply tolerate those who think or believe differently from us; we celebrate the fact that - in the words of the IB mission statement - “others with their differences can be right.”

The IB continuum embodies an internationally focused curriculum and philosophical ethos that leaves us confident Ridley graduates can indeed transform our globe.

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