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Strategic Priorities for Ridley

Leading with Heart: The Strategic Priorities for Ridley

Leading with Heart” is an apt description of what the Ridley community aspires to, as set out in our current strategic priorities. This five-year plan is the result of an 18-month community conversation and strategic visioning process that included the voices of a diverse set of Ridley stakeholders.

In our inaugural year of “Leading with Heart,” the Ridley community has deepened its commitment to moving forward with our current Strategic Priorities. To keep our community informed about our progress, we've created this infographic that showcases the tremendous strides we've made on our journey.

Our plan is structured around three defining themes which capture the challenges and opportunities ahead: 

arrow iconDeepening our Purpose
puzzle iconDeepening our Potential
arrows iconDeepening our Connections

We invite you to read more about our exciting priorities for the future and learn how they will guide our choices on the road ahead.

Download Our Strategic Plan