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The essence of Ridley's approach to creativity and artistic expression is development of the whole child to form the foundation for a flourishing life. Central to this vision is a broad arts programme which fosters artistic capabilities and an awareness of how art can enrich life.

Throughout their school experience, students are encouraged to pursue creative and artistic activities. Some participate in creative co-curricular activities and many continue to study the arts as part of their curriculum in their senior years.

Photo of school orchestra

We deliver on [our] mission through offering a wide range of arts programming delivered by subject specialists.

Duane Nickerson, Director of the Arts

Our arts programme is supported by world-class educators and facilities and our Music, Drama, Visual and Media Arts programmes are some of the best in the country.

[Art] enhances my ability to observe and to reflect on the world around me. [It] also trains me to be a better learner, in terms of finding alternative pathways to solve problems.

Helen '17, IB Visual Art student

KindergartenMusicVisual Art
Grade 1MusicVisual Art
Grade 2MusicVisual Art
Grade 3MusicVisual Art
Grade 4MusicVisual Art
Grade 5MusicVisual Art
GradeStringsBandVisual Art

Grade 7StringsBandVisual Arts & Design
Grade 8StringsBandVisual Arts & Design
Grade 9StringsBandVisual Arts & Design
Digital Media Art  
Grade 10StringsBandVisual Arts & Design
DramaDesignMedia Art

Grade 11Instrumental MusicVocal MusicIB1 MusicIB1 TheatreIB1 Visual ArtVisual ArtIB1 Technological DesignIB1 Film
Grade 12Instrumental Music IB2 MusicIB2 TheatreIB2 Visual ArtVisual ArtIB2 Technological DesignIB2 Film

Music LessonsGrades K-8Year Long
Violin ClubGrades 1-4Year Long
Outdoor Art ClubGrades 2-3Term 1
Junior ChoirGrades 3-4Terms 2, 3
Christmas Concert ProductionGrades 4-6Terms 1, 2
Junior OrchestraGrades 4-6Terms 2, 3
Intermediate ChoirGrades 5-8Year Long
Intermediate Art ClubGrades 7-8Term 2
Cadet BandGrades 7-8Year Long
Dramatic ProductionGrades 7-8Terms 2, 3
Rock BandGrades 7-8Year Long

Working with Clay ClubGrades 9-12Term 1
Fall Dramatic ProductionGrades 9-12Term 1
Winter Musical ProductionGrades 9-12Term 2
Chapel ChoirGrades 9-12Year Long
Cappies Theatre CriticismGrades 9-12Year Long
Senior OrchestraGrades 9-12Year Long
Jazz BandGrades 9-12Year Long
Cadet BandGrades 9-12Year Long
Chinese CalligraphyGrades 9-12Term 1
Ridley Rock BandGrades 9-12Terms 1, 2
Digital StudioGrades 9-12Term 1
Figure DrawingGrades 11-12Term 2
Portfolio Development GroupGrades 11-12Term 1
Film Production ClubGrades 11-12Term 1
Arts CouncilGrades 11-12Year Long
Art Studio MonitorsGrades 11-12Year Long

Celebration of Arts

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