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Stevens, Chris '87 - Squash

Kerry Martin introduced Chris to squash in the Lower School—and it didn’t take him long to master the sport. In an ACTA from those early days, Coach Martin called Chris Stevens the best Grade 6 player he’d ever seen at Ridley. During a 1982 U.S. tour, the coach watched with pride as Chris—only in Grade 8—ended up beating a player on the Princeton Junior Varsity team. Sandy Peters coached him for two years in the Upper School before Chris moved on to Crescent School in Toronto, where several of the country's best junior players were playing at the time.

Years later, Chris was on the varsity team at Princeton University when he was reunited with former Ridley teammate, Derek Finkle, along with Sandy Peters—who had joined Princeton's coaching staff for the year while on sabbatical from Ridley. That same year, 1988, the team would go on to win the National Championship, followed by the Ivy League Championship in 1989. Chris’ drive to succeed helped him make
the All-Ivy League Team from 1988-1991; he was named First Team All-American three times over.

“His will to win was through the roof," Derek recalls, “Chris wasn’t a flashy player, but I can honestly say he was one of the most tenacious competitors I ever played against. He was a Nadal-like squash player: consistent, powerful and extremely fit. He also had a reputation for losing the first two games and then coming back to win the next three. One season he did this five times.”
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