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Nunn, John '61 - Rowing

Upon entering Cornell University, John Nunn was pulled aside by the rowing coach:

Coach: “How tall are you and what do you weigh?”
John: “6’6 and 197 pounds.”
Coach: “Perfect! Have you had any rowing experience?”
John: “No.”
Coach: “Perfect That’s the way we like ’em!”

John may have missed the start of Ridley's remarkable 50-year story of rowing by a mere five years—but the sport and the man appeared destined to meet regardless, culminating in what has now been his own remarkable 50-year career.

A Cornell University Hall of Fame inductee, 1968 Olympic bronze medalist and 1976 U.S. Olympic rowing coach, John has also moonlighted as a seven-time Marathon runner. Loyal to the sport that gave him such great opportunities and experiences, he still presides over the Long Beach Rowing Association and works to foster the next generation of rowing with their junior crew programme.
“Sports taught me how to work with others in matters of motivation, ethics, cooperation, leadership, and discipline. Exposure to sports at a young age influenced my perspective for the rest of my life.”
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