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Iggulden, Paul '72 - Hockey

Paul Iggulden specifically mentioned the sense of pride he felt as a student athlete—whether as a third line third, a fourth line fourth, or while taking the first three wickets in the first three balls against the Bermuda National Team during the 1971 Ridley tour. Discipline, self-confidence, and learning to both enjoy wins and accept losses graciously are just some of the most important lessons he learned as a Ridley athlete.

Paul played First Soccer, First Football, First Hockey and captained First Cricket, leading the team to two Little Big Four Championship victories. He went on to play varsity soccer and hockey at Bishop’s University and represented Canada in international cricket competitions. Paul cherishes the friendships and camaraderie formed during his sporting career and now takes pleasure and pride in cheering on his own children in their athletic pursuits.
“Thank-you to all my teammates, so many devoted great athletes who made me look good. To the many coaches who pushed me to be the best I could be, especially to Ted Morgan, Ed Burn, Jack Aylott, Rick Coy, Keith Mawhinney, Nat Caters, brother Brian, my Mom and Dad, who never missed a game.”
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