Why Ridley?

Leadership & Governance

Devoted, passionate and generous are only a few ways to describe our Board Members. The Ridley College Board of Governors is comprised of 16 volunteer members who serve five-year renewable terms. Governors and additional Standing Committee Members generously give their time and talents to serve our school and are committed to the successful governance of Ridley College.


List of 8 members.

  • Photo of David K. Carter '88

    Mr.  David K. Carter '88 

    Board Chair
  • Photo of Kelvin S.M. Chen '70

    Mr. Kelvin S.M. Chen '70 

    Advancement, Facilities Management
  • Photo of Timothy J. Coffin '81

    Mr. Timothy J. Coffin '81 

    Advancement (Chair)
  • Photo of Philip D. Court '85

    Mr. Philip D. Court '85 

    Facilities Management (Chair)
  • Photo of Leigh Ann Epperson

    Ms. Leigh Ann Epperson 

  • Photo of Sarah Eyton '86

    Ms. Sarah Eyton '86 

  • Photo of J. Edward Kidd

    Mr. J. Edward Kidd 

    (2012) Headmaster
    Invited Guest - All Committees
  • Photo of C. Michael Kray '88

    Mr.  C. Michael Kray '88 

    Governance & Nomination (Chair)

List of 9 members.

  • Photo of Scott G.A. Lampard '88

    Mr.  Scott G.A. Lampard '88 

    Finance, Audit & Human Resources (Chair)
  • Photo of Alison Loat '94

    Mrs. Alison Loat '94 

  • Photo of Dragan Matovic

    Dr. Dragan Matovic 

    Facilities Management
  • Photo of Donald S. McMurtry '82

    Mr.  Donald S. McMurtry '82 

  • Photo of Maria Menechella

    Ms. Maria Menechella 

    Advancement, Governance & Nomination
  • Photo of Yanick Pagé '84

    Mr. Yanick Pagé '84 

  • Photo of James D. Parke

    Mr. James D. Parke 

    (2011) Director of Finance & Operations
    Board Secretary
    Invited Guest - All Committees
  • Photo of G. Scott Paterson '82

    Mr.  G. Scott Paterson '82 

  • Photo of Louise Taylor Green

    Ms. Louise Taylor Green 

    Finance, Audit & Human Resources
Supporting our Board of Governors are volunteers known as Standing Committee Members. These individuals are invited by the Headmaster and various Directors because they possess a particular prowess that benefits specific areas of the school.
Advancement Committee Members
Jeanie Hendrie ’05
D. Andrew Lind ’88
Facilities Management Committee
Joseph Ferrante
A. Dean Karachi ’87
Paul S. Kundrat ’92
Finance, Audit & Human Resources Committee
Christopher D. Cooke ’88, Vice-Chair
E. Allison Griffiths ’95
Robin E.A. Lampard ’85
Dean McCann
Governance and Nominations Committee
*Comprised exclusively of Governors

Committee & Board Self-Nominations

We believe that effective governance hinges on a diversity of perspectives. Ridley College considers nominations to our Board of Governors and Board Committees from individuals who possess specialized leadership expertise and who will act as committed ambassadors on behalf of the school.
If you are qualified to make meaningful contributions to the advancement of Ridley College, we welcome you to complete the Application & Declaration of Candidacy form.

School Leadership Team

List of 15 members.

  • Mr. J. Edward Kidd 

    (2012) Headmaster
    Invited Guest - All Committees
  • Mrs. Michele A. Bett 

    (2016) Head of Upper School
  • Mr. James Steward 

    (2019) Head of Lower School
  • Mr. James D. Parke 

    (2011) Director of Finance & Operations
    Board Secretary
    Invited Guest - All Committees
  • Ms. Julie A. Cameron 

    (2011) Director of Admissions and Financial Assistance
  • Ms. Andrea K. Carisse 

    (2015) Director of Strategic Communications and Marketing
  • Mario De Divitiis 

    (2019) Director of Ancillary Operations
  • Ms. Sue Easton 

    (2019) Director of Wellbeing & Learning
  • Ms. Susan E. Hazell 

    (2014) Director of Development
  • Ms. Margaret E. Lech 

    (2000) Assistant Head of Upper School - Co-curricular Activities
  • Mr. Scott J. McLean 

    (2016) Manager of Campus Safety and Security
  • Ms.  Andrea Nauf 

    (2018) Director of Human Resources
  • Mr. Bruno Petitti 

    (2019) Director of Technology
  • Mr. Jay W. Tredway '96 

    (2003) Director of Athletics
  • Mr. Scott D. Walker 

    (2015) Director of Facilities
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With more than 700 students from 60 countries, the largest boarding programme in Ontario and the third largest in Canada, Ridley College is a truly international, co-educational, day and boarding school of the world that prepares students for the world. It has provided enriching learning and life-shaping experiences focused on the arts, academics, and athletics since 1889. Ridley’s Lower School offers JK-Grade 8, its Upper School consists of Grade 9-PG, and Ridley graduates attend some of the top universities and colleges around the world. Ridley is the only   co-ed independent boarding school in Canada and one of only three in North America authorized to offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) continuum programme.