A Message From The President
    Dear Ridley Families,
    Welcome to Ridley!  
    The Ridley College Family Guild is a parent-driven organization, supporting the students and school by donating their time and talent. Every Ridley College family automatically belongs to the Guild. Meetings take place once a month on Monday evenings.  Everyone is welcome!
    To become an active participant, email family_guild@ridleycollege.com
    As we launch into the 125th year of this amazing school, many special events have been added to the 2014-15 calendar, making it one of the busiest Guild years ever.
    -meet other parents and make meaningful connections in the school community.
    -gain deeper insights into your children's school lives, their classmates, and their friends.
    -learn more about Ridley: who the staff and teachers are, who the volunteers leaders are, and how the school operates.
    -demonstrate to your child your interest in, and commitment to, his or her school life.
    Tuesday, April 7th, 2015, 6:30pm,  Archives Room (School House). 
    We will be reviewing the Guild's new draft Constitution.
    Everyone welcome.

    Staff Appreciation Day - Wednesday, April 1 (lunch hour)
    Ridley College's staff and faculty do so much for our children, it's time to give back!  Family Guild volunteers will be on hand during the staff's lunch period at both William's Hall (Lower School) and the Great Hall (Upper School) to offer our thanks to the school staff.  We would love to see strong parent representation. Volunteer requirements include handing out small tokens of our appreciation and your smiling faces!   
    For more information please email Laura Menechella, 3lauram@gmail.com, or sign up here:
    IB Exam Proctoring - Information Session April 1 or April 10, 6pm, Archives Room
    The IB Exams will take place May 4 through 22.  Parents and grandparents are invited to volunteer as exam supervisors (proctors).  There are morning and afternoon exams with each one being anywhere from 1 to 3.5 hours in duration.  A schedule will be provided and slots are filled on a first-come-first-serve basis. Volunteers are asked to attend ONE short training session where the requirements and procedures will be outlined: April 1 or April 10, 6pm, Archives Room (School House).  
    By volunteering to supervise IB exams, you are providing a gift of time to your school's teachers!  
    Contact duane_nickerson@ridleycollege.com for more information and to receive a link to the IB exam schedule.
    Volunteers welcome for Cadet Ball - April 18th, Club Roma
    It's time for the Family Guild to pull up their sleeves and decorate for the annual Cadet Ball, Ridley's version of their high school prom, taking place the evening of April 18th at Club Roma (125 Vansickle Road, St. Catharines). The theme has been chosen and the decorations are lined up. All we need is your helping hand to set up decorations and clean up at the end of the Ball!  
    When?  April 18th, decorate 9-11:30am and/or clean up 10:45pm.
    For more information, contact Margy Nitsopoulos-Massis, mnitso@hotmail.com, or sign up here:
    Annual Cadet Church Parade Reception - April 19, 11:30am-12:30pm, Matthews Library, Upper School
    Our children will be participating in one of Ridley's oldest traditions, the Annual Cadet Church Parade, 9-11:30am. The Family Guild will be hosting its annual reception after the Church Parade. Please join our cadets and parade spectators for some light refreshments in the Matthews Library starting 11:30am.
    Annual Appeal
    At the Guild's general meeting of November 3rd, 2014, the RCFG approved a $110,000 gift to Ridley College to go directly towards the 3 projects in the Annual Appeal (LS Playscape, Memorial Chapel Restoration, and Digital Learning Studio).  $110,000 is a substantial donation and a great kickstart for the Annual Appeal but not enough to finance all three projects.  The overall fundraising goal for this year's annual campaign is $600,000. Together with the RCFG gift, funds raised to date total $300,000.  So, there is still some fundraising to do and we would like to encourage parent participation. The Development Office has organized several "Phone-athons" and you will be hearing from a fellow parent volunteer within the next few weeks.  We hope you will welcome their calls and we encourage your support and participation.
    To volunteer, contact Susan Hazell, email susan_hazell@ridleycollege.com, call 905-684-1889 x.2211.
    Family Mentor Program
    The Ridley College Family Guild has been running the Family Mentor Program for three years, a program we are very proud of and continue to expand. The program aims to provide new families with a personal connection to current parents.  We match volunteer mentors to new Upper School boarding and day students, and Lower School day students.  
    What's involved? At least one information session, and correspondence with your new family via email, starting in late spring. Once fall arrives and the students are settled in school, the mentor's job is generally done! This is a great opportunity to meet new families and to provide them with a positive and warm welcome to the Ridley community. Information sessions to be announced throughout winter and spring.
    Contacts:  Guild Executive or Family Mentor Co-Chairs Trudy Tattersall, trudy.tattersall@sympatico.ca
    Karen Morrison, kmorrison121@cogeco.ca
    RECYCLED CLOTHING PROGRAM *Uniform items for sale at 50% off the regular price!*
    Did you know that you can purchase gently used uniform items throughout the school year? Not all items or sizes are available all of the time, but there's no harm checking. We also accept donations anytime.
    To see if we have what you're looking for, or to donate, contact Heather Foss, Recycled Clothing Coordinator, fosshh@hotmail.com 
    Just by paying with gift cards, you can transform your everyday spending into fundraising dollars for the school.  There is a one-time sign up at www.fundscrip.com using Ridley College code QB2PY4.
    Gift cards can be mailed directly to your home or picked up at Hank's.
    I look forward to seeing you on campus!
    Linda Chang
    2014-15 President
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    Fall (Michaelmas Term)
    •School Start-Up and Parent lunch.
    •Fall Play Reception
    •Annual Christmas Dinner
    •Carol Service Reception
    Winter (Lent Term)
    •Upper School Musical Reception
    Spring (Trinity Term)
    •Cadet Ball
    •Church Parade Reception
    •Cadet Inspection
    •Upper School Prize Day
    •Grade 8 Grad/Dinner
    •Lower School Prize Day

    •Christmas Market
    •Hank’s-School Store