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    Basketball 1st — Girls (M)
    Basketball U14 DI — Girls (M)
    Basketball U14 DIII - Girls (M)
    Boys Developmental Basketball
    CAIS Varsity Mens Basketball
    Fencing - Michaelmas
    Field Hockey 1st (M)
    Field Hockey 2nd (M)
    Field Hockey U14 (M)
    Harriers 1st — CoEd (M)
    Ice Hockey 1st - Boys (M)
    Ice Hockey 1st - Girls (M)
    Lower School Cross Country
    Rowing 66kg Development Boys - Michaelmas
    Rowing 72kg Development Boys - Michaelmas
    Rowing Development Girls - Michaelmas
    Rowing Development Senior Boys - Michaelmas
    Rowing Senior Mens and Womens Competitive - Michaelmas
    SFL Cardio — CoEd (M)
    SFL Sailing / Golf - CoEd (M)
    SFL Squash / Tennis (M) - CoEd
    SFL Swimming (M)
    SFL Tennis / Squash Rotation
    SFL Yoga/Run/Boot "Group A"
    SFL Yoga/Run/Boot "Group B"
    SFL Yoga/Run/Boot "Group C"
    Soccer 1st — Boys (M)
    Soccer 2nd — Boys (M)
    Soccer U13 — Boys (M)
    Soccer U14 — Boys (M)
    Soccer U16 - Div. I — Boys (M)
    Special Athletic Event
    Sport For Life - JWT (M)
    Ultimate Frisbee Recreational - CoEd (M)
    Badminton/Tchoukball SFL - CoEd (L)
    Basketball 1st — Boys (L)
    Basketball U12 — Boys (L)
    Basketball U14 — Boys (L)
    Basketball U16 — Boys (L)
    Basketball/Tchoukball SFL — Co-Ed (L)
    CAIS Varsity Mens Basketball
    Curling SFL - CoEd (L)
    Elementary Grades 1 - 4 (L)
    Game Day Crew/Fitness
    Gymnastics 1st (L)
    Gymnastics RCLS (L)
    Ice Hockey 1st — Boys (L)
    Ice Hockey 1st — Girls (L)
    Ice Hockey JV — Girls (L)
    Ice Hockey U14 — (L)
    Ice Hockey U16 - Boys (L)
    RCLS — Tigermurals (L)
    Rowing Training Junior Development CoEd (L)
    Rowing Training Sr. Boys Heavy (L)
    Rowing Training Sr. Girls HP (L)
    Rugby Training (L)
    SFL Futsal/Tchoukball (L)
    SFL GetFit Rotation A- CoEd (L)
    SFL GetFit Rotation B- CoEd (L)
    SFL GetFit Rotation C- CoEd (L)
    Sport For Life - JWT (L)
    Squash 1st — (L)
    Squash RCLS — CoEd (L)
    Squash U16 — (L)
    Swimming 1st — CoED (L)
    Swimming RCLS — CoED (L)
    Volleyball 1st — Girls (L)
    Volleyball U14 - Girls (LS) (L)
    Volleyball U16 — Girls (L)
    Badminton 1st – Junior Boys (T)
    Badminton 1st – Junior Girls (T)
    Badminton 1st – Senior Boys (T)
    Badminton 1st – Senior Girls (T)
    Boys Spring Soccer
    Dance Beginners SFL — CoEd (T)
    Elementary Grades 1 - 4 (T)
    Golf Competitive — CoEd (T)
    Gymnastics 1st (T)
    RCLS — Teaching Games For Understanding (TGFU)
    Rowing All Crews - CoEd (T)
    Rugby 1st — Boys (T)
    Rugby 1st — Girls (T)
    Rugby U14 — Boys (T)
    Rugby U16 — Boys (T)
    SFL Field Hockey / Strength Training
    SFL FLEX A (bootcamp/yoga/stride)
    SFL FLEX B (bootcamp/yoga/stride)
    SFL FLEX C (bootcamp/yoga/stride)
    SFL Soccer
    SFL Triathalon
    Soccer 1st — Girls (T)
    Soccer U14 — Girls (T)
    Softball U12 — Boys (T)
    Softball U14 — Girls (T)
    Tennis 1st — Boys (T)
    Tennis 1st — Girls (T)
    Tennis U14 — Boys (T)
    Tennis U16 — Boys (T)
    Track 1st — CoEd (T)
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    Spring Sport Schedules Locked and Loaded
    The final sport campaign of the '13-'14 school year is now solidified and available on our website. Click on the team in the drop down menu that you want to follow and keep up to date on their story over the next two months.
    Go Blacks Go!
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    Winter Athletic Award Winners Recognized
    "Before we go to far into spring, we wanted to take the opportunity to look back on the last five months of sport and celebrate all of your great successes. Granted this may have been the coldest, longest winter in recent history, but as we look back on your accomplishments, I think you will agree that we made the most of it." J.W. Tredway
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    Gymnasts Shine at Provincial Championship!
    12 Ridley gymnasts competed at Ofsaa in Peterborough over the last 2 days. Here is the highlight reel of results:

    Level 1: (Storm Hunt, Anna Groppel, Grace Pan, Kayla Archer) • Storm SILVER on floor

    Level 2: (Aima Ohiwerei, Arianna Gadinger, Chrissi McMurdo, Nina Foster, Liza Ovskyannikova) • Team BRONZE overall • Aima GOLD on vault, 6th on floor, 7th on bars • Arianna 5th on floor, 7th on beam

    Level 3: (Ashleigh Sternberg, Aidan Robertson) • Ashleigh GOLD on floor, BRONZE on bars, 4th on beam

    Level 6: (Hanna Digenis) - solid performances against VERY high level competition! Many of the girls had personal best scores, and every one of them displayed spirit and sportsmanship throughout the championship. Congratulations on a fine finish to the competitive season!
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    Recent Tiger Results
    Wednesday, April 16, 2014
    Soccer 1st — Girls (T)
    2:00 PM  @ Kiwanis Field
    2:00 PM 
    Soccer 1st — Girls (T) VS Villanova College Loss 2-4
    Tuesday, April 15, 2014
    Rugby 1st — Girls (T)
    4:00 PM  @ Ridley Playing Field D Squad
    4:00 PM 
    More Info | Highlights
    Rugby 1st — Girls (T) VS Laura Secord Tie 10-10
    Monday, April 14, 2014
    1st Girls Soccer: Niagara Cup Championship Game
    3:00 PM  @ Youngs Sportplex, Welland
    3:00 PM 
    Soccer 1st — Girls (T) VS Ridgeway H.S. Win 3-1
    1st Girls Soccer: Niagara Cup Tournament
    12:45 PM  @ Youngs Sportplex, Welland
    12:45 PM 
    Soccer 1st — Girls (T) VS Toronto Tie 1-1
    1st Girls Soccer: Niagara Cup Tournament
    11:15 AM  @ Youngs Sportplex, Welland
    11:15 AM 
    Soccer 1st — Girls (T) VS Centennial Loss 0-1
    Soccer 1st — Girls (T)
    9:45 AM  @ Youngs Sportplex, Welland
    9:45 AM 
    More Info
    Soccer 1st — Girls (T) VS Grimsby High School Loss 0-1
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