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    Basketball 1st — Girls (M)
    Basketball U12 DII - Girls (M)
    Basketball U14 DII — Girls (M)
    Boys Developmental Basketball
    Developmental Swim (M) - CoEd
    Fencing - Michaelmas
    Field Hockey 1st (M)
    Field Hockey 2nd (M)
    Field Hockey U14 (M)
    Harriers 1st — CoEd (M)
    Ice Hockey 1st - Boys (M)
    Ice Hockey 1st - Girls (M)
    Lower School Cross Country
    Rowing Girls - Michaelmas
    Rowing Junior Boys - Michaelmas
    Rowing Senior Boys - Michaelmas
    SFL FIT 1 - Fitness, Invasion, Target (M) Co-Ed
    SFL FIT 2 - Fitness, Invasion, Target (M) Co-Ed
    SFL FIT 3 - Fitness, Invasion, Target (M) Co-Ed
    SFL FIT 4 - Fitness, Invasion, Target (M) Co-Ed
    SFL FIT 5 - Fitness, Invasion, Target (M) Co-Ed
    SFL FIT 6 - Fitness, Invasion, Target (M) Co-Ed
    SFL FIT 7 - Fitness, Invasion, Target (M) Co-Ed
    SFL FIT 8 - Fitness, Invasion, Target (M) Co-Ed
    SFL FIT 9 - Fitness, Invasion, Target (M) Co-Ed
    SFL Squash / Tennis Rotation (M)
    SFL Tennis / Squash Rotation (M)
    Soccer 1st — Boys (M)
    Soccer 2nd — Boys (M)
    Soccer U12 — Boys (M)
    Soccer U14 — Boys (M)
    Soccer U16 - Div. I — Boys (M)
    Special Athletic Event
    Sport For Life - JWT Excused (M)
    Badminton/Tchoukball SFL - CoEd (L)
    Basketball 1st — Boys (L)
    Basketball U12 — Boys (L)
    Basketball U14 — Boys (L)
    Basketball U16 — Boys (L)
    Basketball/Tchoukball SFL — Co-Ed (L)
    Curling SFL - CoEd (L)
    Elementary Grades 1 - 4 (L)
    Game Day Crew/Fitness
    Gymnastics 1st (L)
    Gymnastics RCLS (L)
    Ice Hockey 1st — Boys (L)
    Ice Hockey 1st — Girls (L)
    Ice Hockey JV — Girls (L)
    Ice Hockey U14 — (L)
    Ice Hockey U16 - Boys (L)
    RCLS — Tigermurals (L)
    Rowing Training Junior Development CoEd (L)
    Rowing Training Sr. Boys Heavy (L)
    Rowing Training Sr. Girls HP (L)
    Rugby Training (L)
    SFL Futsal/Tchoukball (L)
    SFL GetFit Rotation A- CoEd (L)
    SFL GetFit Rotation B- CoEd (L)
    SFL GetFit Rotation C- CoEd (L)
    Sport For Life - JWT (L)
    Squash 1st — (L)
    Squash RCLS — CoEd (L)
    Squash U16 — (L)
    Swimming 1st — CoED (L)
    Swimming RCLS — CoED (L)
    Volleyball 1st — Girls (L)
    Volleyball U14 - Girls (LS) (L)
    Volleyball U16 — Girls (L)
    Badminton 1st – Junior Boys (T)
    Badminton 1st – Junior Girls (T)
    Badminton 1st – Senior Boys (T)
    Badminton 1st – Senior Girls (T)
    Boys Spring Soccer
    Dance Beginners SFL — CoEd (T)
    Elementary Grades 1 - 4 (T)
    Golf Competitive — CoEd (T)
    Gymnastics 1st (T)
    JWT Trinity
    RCLS — Teaching Games For Understanding (TGFU)
    Rowing All Crews - CoEd (T)
    Rugby 1st — Boys (T)
    Rugby 1st — Girls (T)
    Rugby U14 — Boys (T)
    Rugby U16 — Boys (T)
    SFL Field Hockey / Strength Training
    SFL FLEX A (bootcamp/yoga/stride)
    SFL FLEX B (bootcamp/yoga/stride)
    SFL FLEX C (bootcamp/yoga/stride)
    SFL Soccer
    SFL Triathalon
    Soccer 1st — Girls (T)
    Soccer U14 — Girls (T)
    Softball U12 — Boys (T)
    Softball U14 — Girls (T)
    Tennis 1st — Boys (T)
    Tennis 1st — Girls (T)
    Tennis U14 — Boys (T)
    Tennis U16 — Boys (T)
    Track 1st — CoEd (T)
    Tiger Centre
    Tigers head into Thanksgiving with Impressive Week
    Last week, the Tigers earned 11 victories in a week full of accomplishments. The week began on Monday with another clean sheet for the First Boys Soccer team. The Boys overwhelmed the visiting side from Crescent School and came away with a 5-0 victory. With a 7-1 win this Monday vs. Toronto French School, the Boys will take a four game winning streak down the QEW to Hamilton to take on the Trojans of Hillfield Strathallan.
    Last Monday was also a big day for the U12 Girls Basketball team as they won their first game in the school’s history with a thrilling 23-21 win on the road at Montcrest School. A heroic last second steal and score by Geena Prestia gave the Tigers the last second win.
    The First Boys Hockey continued their winning ways as the Boys won the Tiger Challenge Cup on home ice over nine other talented teams. The Tigers went 4-0-1 over the weekend and are still undefeated heading into the Thanksgiving Break.
    The rest of the week would see wins by First Girls Basketball, U14 Girls Basketball, First Field Hockey and U14 Girls Field Hockey.

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    Strong Play Leads Tigers to a Successful Homecoming Weekend
    The Tigers celebrated their 125th anniversary with a highly successful week in athletics. The week started off with an outstanding accomplishment on Tuesday by ShanShan Li who won the OFSAA Golf qualifier with an excellent round of 86 in Port Hope. ShanShan will now move on to OFSAA at Kingsville Golf and Country Club on October 15th!

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    Athletics Weekend Roundup: Sept. 12-13
    It was opening weekend for a number of our Tigers this week as many early bird tournaments got the season started for Boys Soccer, 1st Girls Field Hockey and 1st Girls Hockey.

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    Recent Tiger Results
    Monday, October 20, 2014
    Basketball 1st — Girls (M)
    4:15 PM  @ Ridley Griffith Gymnasium
    4:15 PM 
    Basketball 1st — Girls (M) VS Havergal College Win 42-28
    Field Hockey U14 (M)
    4:00 PM  @ Ridley Playing Field Berm B
    4:00 PM 
    Field Hockey U14 (M) VS Nichols School Tie 3-3
    Soccer U12 — Boys (M)
    3:00 PM  @ Pickering College
    3:00 PM 
    Soccer U12 — Boys (M) VS Pickering College Loss 2-3
    Saturday, October 18, 2014
    1st Girls Ice Hockey: NAPHA
    4:00 PM  @ Ridley Tiger Arena
    4:00 PM 
    Ice Hockey 1st - Girls (M) VS Gilmour Academy Win 4-1
    1st Girls Field Hockey: CAIS
    2:00 PM  @ St. Michael's University School
    2:00 PM 
    Field Hockey 1st (M) VS St. Michael's University School Loss 0-2
    Soccer 2nd — Boys (M)
    12:30 PM  @ Rosseau Lake College
    12:30 PM 
    Soccer 2nd — Boys (M) VS Rosseau Lake College Loss 2-4
    Soccer U16 - Div. I — Boys (M)
    11:00 AM  @ Hillfield Strathallan College
    11:00 AM 
    Soccer U16 - Div. I — Boys (M) VS Hillfield Strathallan College Tie 0-0
    1st Girls Field Hockey: CAIS
    10:00 AM  @ St. Michael's University School
    10:00 AM 
    Field Hockey 1st (M) VS Glenlyons Norfolk School Win 2-0
    1st Girls Field Hockey: CAIS
    8:00 AM  @ St. Michael's University School
    8:00 AM 
    Field Hockey 1st (M) VS Southridge Tie 0-0
    Upcoming Games
    Tuesday, October 21, 2014
    Harriers: CISAA Championship
    1:00 PM  @ Trinity College School
    Field Hockey 2nd (M)
    4:00 PM  @ Ridley Playing Field Berm B
    Field Hockey 2nd (M) VS Trafalgar Castle School
    Wednesday, October 22, 2014
    Soccer 2nd — Boys (M)
    3:00 PM  @ St. John's Kilmarnock
    Soccer 2nd — Boys (M) VS St. John's Kilmarnock
    Soccer U16 - Div. I — Boys (M)
    3:00 PM  @ St. Andrew's College
    Soccer U16 - Div. I — Boys (M) VS St. Andrew's College
    Field Hockey U14 (M)
    3:00 PM  @ Ridley Playing Field Berm B
    More Info
    Field Hockey U14 (M) VS Elmwood Franklin
    U14 DII Girls Basketball: Quarter Final
    3:00 PM  @ Ridley Iggulden Gymnasium
    Basketball 1st — Girls (M)
    4:00 PM  @ Hillfield Strathallan College
    Basketball 1st — Girls (M) VS Hillfield Strathallan College
    Soccer 1st — Boys (M)
    4:00 PM  @ Ridley Playing Field B Squad
    Soccer 1st — Boys (M) VS St. Andrew's College
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