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    Basketball 1st — Girls (M)
    Basketball U12 DII - Girls (M)
    Basketball U14 DII — Girls (M)
    Boys Developmental Basketball
    Fencing - Michaelmas
    Field Hockey 1st (M)
    Field Hockey 2nd (M)
    Field Hockey U14 (M)
    Harriers 1st — CoEd (M)
    Ice Hockey 1st - Boys (M)
    Ice Hockey 1st - Girls (M)
    Lower School Cross Country
    Rowing Girls - Michaelmas
    Rowing Junior Boys - Michaelmas
    Rowing Senior Boys - Michaelmas
    SFL FIT 1 - Fitness, Invasion, Target (M) Co-Ed
    SFL FIT 2 - Fitness, Invasion, Target (M) Co-Ed
    SFL FIT 3 - Fitness, Invasion, Target (M) Co-Ed
    SFL FIT 4 - Fitness, Invasion, Target (M) Co-Ed
    SFL FIT 5 - Fitness, Invasion, Target (M) Co-Ed
    SFL FIT 6 - Fitness, Invasion, Target (M) Co-Ed
    SFL FIT 7 - Fitness, Invasion, Target (M) Co-Ed
    SFL FIT 8 - Fitness, Invasion, Target (M) Co-Ed
    SFL FIT 9 - Fitness, Invasion, Target (M) Co-Ed
    SFL Squash / Tennis Rotation (M)
    SFL Tennis / Squash Rotation (M)
    Soccer 1st — Boys (M)
    Soccer 2nd — Boys (M)
    Soccer U12 — Boys (M)
    Soccer U14 — Boys (M)
    Soccer U16 - Div. I — Boys (M)
    Special Athletic Event
    Sport For Life - JWT Excused (M)
    Basketball 1st — Boys (L)
    Basketball 2nd — Boys (L)
    Basketball U12 — Boys (L)
    Basketball U14 — Boys (L)
    Basketball U16 — Boys (L)
    Gymnastics 1st (L)
    Gymnastics RCLS (L)
    Ice Hockey 1st — Boys (L)
    Ice Hockey 1st — Girls (L)
    Ice Hockey JV — Boys (L)
    Ice Hockey JV — Girls (L)
    Ice Hockey U14 — (L)
    RCLS — Tigermurals (L)
    Rowing Training Boys Development (L)
    Rowing Training Boys Experienced (L)
    Rowing Training Girls HP (L)
    Rugby Training (L)
    SFL GetFit Badminton A (L)
    SFL GetFit Badminton B (L)
    SFL GetFit Badminton C (L)
    SFL GetFit Curling (L)
    SFL GetFit Dance A (L)
    SFL GetFit Dance B (L)
    SFL GetFit Futsal A (L)
    SFL GetFit Futsal B (L)
    SFL GetFit Futsal C (L)
    SFL GetFit Multi A (L)
    SFL GetFit Multi B (L)
    SFL GetFit Multi C (L)
    Squash 1st — (L)
    Squash RCLS — CoEd (L)
    Swimming 1st — CoED (L)
    Swimming RCLS — CoED (L)
    Volleyball 1st — Girls (L)
    Volleyball U14 - Girls (LS) (L)
    Volleyball U16 — Girls (L)
    Badminton 1st – Junior Boys (T)
    Badminton 1st – Junior Girls (T)
    Badminton 1st – Senior Boys (T)
    Badminton 1st – Senior Girls (T)
    Boys Spring Soccer
    Dance Beginners SFL — CoEd (T)
    Elementary Grades 1 - 4 (T)
    Golf Competitive — CoEd (T)
    Gymnastics 1st (T)
    JWT Trinity
    RCLS — Teaching Games For Understanding (TGFU)
    Rowing All Crews - CoEd (T)
    Rugby 1st — Boys (T)
    Rugby 1st — Girls (T)
    Rugby U14 — Boys (T)
    Rugby U16 — Boys (T)
    SFL Field Hockey / Strength Training
    SFL FLEX A (bootcamp/yoga/stride)
    SFL FLEX B (bootcamp/yoga/stride)
    SFL FLEX C (bootcamp/yoga/stride)
    SFL Soccer
    SFL Triathalon
    Soccer 1st — Girls (T)
    Soccer U14 — Girls (T)
    Softball U12 — Boys (T)
    Softball U14 — Girls (T)
    Tennis 1st — Boys (T)
    Tennis 1st — Girls (T)
    Tennis U14 — Boys (T)
    Tennis U16 — Boys (T)
    Track 1st — CoEd (T)
    Tiger Centre
    Ridley College and the Rowing World Mourn The Loss of Jack Nicholson (1932-2014)
    He has been a pillar of strength and vitality in the Ridley community for more than 40 years and it is with great reverence and sadness that we write to the Ridley family with news of the passing of our “Jack”.
    1972 saw Jack join a coaching team that would cement Ridley’s international reputation as a Secondary School Rowing superpower through the final third of the 20th Century. A World Champion coach, his gift as a teacher of the art of rowing was only surpassed by his ability to build quality relationships with his athletes. That trust allowed them to push further and go faster then they ever thought possible. 

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    1st Girls Volleyball Impresses at Mentor College Tournament
    The 1st Girls Volleyball Team went to compete in their first tournament of the season in the Mentor College Volleyball Tournament in Mississauga. This was their first chance to work on their teamwork and communication skills. The girls started their day against Brampton Christian with a very close 0-2 (25-22) (25-23) loss. The girls quickly retaliated in the following game against the hosts; Mentor College, winning a crushing 2-0 (25-14) (25-16). The girls rallied on as they tied against Glenforest 1-1 (16-25) (25-21). After a quick lunch break, the girls carried on to tie against Port Credit 1-1 (25-19) (25-15). The girls carried on the day to face Lorne Park where they lost in a very tight game with the final score being 0-2 (26-28) (24-26). With 1 win, 2 ties and 2 very tight loses, Ridley reached the 3rd place play-off’s against the same Lorne Park side that beat them 2-0 where the team sought out revenge. With the entire team playing at their best, they humiliated their opposition with a 2-0 (25-12) (25-15) win as they reached 3rd place in the tournament. After the tournament concluded, Coach Whitty, Goodbrand and Rhind stated that the whole team played exceptional volleyball and they are excited to see what the season holds for this group of talented girls! The team will be looking forward towards their CISAA opener at home against BSS on Tuesday at 5:30pm in the Iggy gym.
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    Tigers of the Week - October 26
    This Weeks Tigers of the Week are...
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    Recent Tiger Results
    Saturday, December 13, 2014
    Ice Hockey JV — Girls (L)
    11:00 AM  
    11:00 AM 
    Ice Hockey JV — Girls (L) VS Faculty Win 3-2
    Friday, December 12, 2014
    U16 Girls Volleyball: St. Jean de Brebeuf Tournament
    11:30 AM  @ St. Jean de Breneuf Secondary School
    11:30 AM 
    More Info | Highlights
    Volleyball U16 — Girls (L) VS Hillfield Strathallan College Win
    Wednesday, December 10, 2014
    Ice Hockey 1st — Girls (L)
    5:00 PM  @ Ridley Tiger Arena
    5:00 PM 
    Ice Hockey 1st — Girls (L) VS Nichols School Win 3-1
    Ice Hockey 1st — Boys (L)
    4:00 PM  @ St. Andrew's College
    4:00 PM 
    Ice Hockey 1st — Boys (L) VS St. Andrew's College Loss 1-3
    Ice Hockey JV — Girls (L)
    3:30 PM  @ Sportsplex
    3:30 PM 
    Ice Hockey JV — Girls (L) VS Eden High School Tie 2-2
    Basketball 1st — Boys (L)
    2:30 PM  @ St. Andrew's College
    2:30 PM 
    Basketball 1st — Boys (L) VS St. Andrew's College Win 58-53
    Basketball U16 — Boys (L)
    2:30 PM  @ St. Andrew's College
    2:30 PM 
    Basketball U16 — Boys (L) VS St. Andrew's College Win 36-27
    Upcoming Games
    Sunday, December 21, 2014
    First Boys Basketball: Bahamas
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    Jay Tredway
    OR '96
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    Tobin Ireland
    (2011) Lower School Athletic Coordinator

    Lori Schultz
    Administrative Assistant to Athletic Director

    Anne Kravchenko
    (2001) Athletics and Travel Assistant

    Lenny Ferraro
    (2000) Head Athletic Therapist

    Joshua Doan
    (2010) Athletics Culture Keeper, Assistant Head of House, Merritt South