Campus Life FAQ's

    Q. How will I be placed in a house? When will I hear about my house placement?

    Q. Are we allowed to stay at school during breaks?

    Q. Will it be difficult for me to fit in?

    Q. How often will I hear from my Child's Advisor? Housemaster ?

    Q. What support is there to instruct my son/daughter on modern teen pressures?

    Q. How does 5-night boarding work?

    Q. Can I use a cell phone in Canada? What is the best system to use? Where would I purchase this type of cell phone?

    Q. How do I select my academic courses?

    Q. How much allowance should I give my son/daughter?

    Q. What happens when my son/daughter is sick?

    Q. What does a room look like? What furniture is included? What appliances are allowed in the room?

    Q. Are sheets, pillowcase and duvet provided?

    Q. How are travel arrangements made for weekend and holiday breaks?

    Q. Are laundry services available?

    Q. How and when can my parents contact me?

    Q. Can we store things over the summer?