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Caldwell, Clive '71 - Squash

Though we have not quite sorted out whether Jack Aylott was a genius or just happened to be in the right place and the right time, Clive Caldwell was also one of his athletes. After a Ridley sport career that was focused on his favourite sport, Clive had a tremendous career playing hardball squash professionally on the World Professional Squash Association (WPSA) Tour where he won two world singles titles (1980 and 1981) with a world doubles title sprinkled in between. He was also a member of the Canadian team that played in two Hashim Khan team championships in Karachi, Pakistan in the late 70’s. Not surprising, he lists winning both of those events in the Middle East as some of his greatest sport memories right alongside: quote “beating the crap out of Tim Griffin at every turn!” He has captured over 35 professional singles and doubles events over a 20 year career on the WPSA Tour.  As President and CEO of the Cambridge Group of Clubs, he has been singularly responsible for growing the game both inside and outside Ontario. He is the founder and chairman of Urban Squash Toronto, the very successful education and squash program that impacts over a hundred youth from the Jane and Finch corridor of Toronto each year. An evolutionary in the sport, credited with adopting the racquet head size that is now standard in the modern game, Ridley is proud to count this Canadian squash trail blazer as one of ours. Clive was inducted into the Ontario Squash Hall of Fame as a player and builder on 4 April 2019.

“The greatest lesson I ever learned through sport is perseverance and never giving up.”
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